Terms and conditions

For sail boat rental insurance is a prerequisite.

Financial Matters

In order to hire a yacht, a security deposit of €1000-3000 is required, depending on the size of the boat. We charge the amount on the charterer’s credit card when the boat is picked up. This is for guarantee only, and the amount is returned to the charterer after delivery of the boat upon completed control of loss or damage.

When chartering a boat from Greece sailing, the charterer shall pay 30% of the total amount as deposit. Another 30% must be submitted three (3) days before departure date and the remaining 40% before boarding the boat.

The deposit will not be refunded upon cancellation less than a week before the departure date. In case of cancellation 2 days before the scheduled charter, the charterer shall submit 50% of the total amount.

If a scheduled charter is cancelled by Greece sailing, the deposit will be returned to the charterer.

Boat Pick-up and Delivery

The boat rental period begins any given day at 8.00 am (i.e. Saturday) and ends the 6th night (i.e. Friday). Delivery takes place at a predetermined point.


We offer to recommend or even help you hire a professional skipper, who holds a degree & license for the respective category.

If the charterer wishes to rent the boat without skipper, he or she must submit certified copies of two (2) degrees held by the skipper, who will participate in the trip, together with the license for the corresponding category to the port authorities.

Safety at Sea

Our company provides full safety on board.

Before departure from the port, the relevant charter party signed by the said charterer together with a list containing the details of all passengers shall be submitted to port authorities.