First time on board. Useful sail tips.

First time on board? There is nothing to worry about. Just keep in mind several tips that will make your first sailing experience a comfort one!

Sunscreen.  Make sure that you put and repeatedly refresh it avoiding sun burns.

Sunglasses & hat Wrapping around head glasses and hat provide you more clarity and protects your from sun.

Clothing T-shirt and shorts are comfort for sailing-always based on weather conditions. Don’t forget to take a waterproof jacket to protect you from water sprays and keep you warm.

Shoes Non slip, non-marking closed toe shoes are essential for sailing.

Tight your hair For those that have long hair make sure that you keep them in a ponytail avoiding hair breaking and tangled up while you are on board.

Skipper Listen carefully the instructions which he provides you. Always keep him aware of your health conditions.

Hydrate Don’t forget to drink water or juices to maintain your body hydration.